Helmet Opinion: Giro Sutton vs Bern Brentwood

  • Hi everyone!! So I am waiting on my first OneWheel (the v2) and have been looking at gear so I can be ready once the day finally comes that I receive it.

    I have done a ton of digging on the forums and been lurking for a little while. I've narrowed my helmet choices down to two which I know are not among the most popular picks for others on this forum. However, I like to be different as long as the product works well.

    That being said I have narrowed it down to two helmets. You all being more of experts than I, please tell me what you think about these two. I'm new to any type of board sport so please go easy on me! I chose these two thinking they would fit my style.

    Giro Sutton with MIPS


    Bern Brentwood

    Thank you!

  • MIPS all the way!

  • @Snurfer looks hot, doesn't have much venting..

    I use this one when I'm on the street

    Check this out at Amazon.com
    Giro Hex Bike Helmet - Men's Titanium Medium https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0159OGZXC/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_.U77yb745N4QM

  • I just think the MIPS technology is worth the extra penny and gets the nod out of the two listed above.

  • @parrothd I actually saw your recommendation for that one on an older post that lead me to looking at Giro to begin with haha. It looks like it keeps nice and cool, it's just not really my style.

  • I got the Bern Brentwood and love it. Super comfortable and it can double as a snowboard helmet if you get the winter liner. Only major complaint I saw online prior to buying was that it runs smaller than expected, but mine fits perfectly.

  • @dodgeviperguy Thanks for the info. What size do you wear? I've really been thinking about going with the Brentwood but read some reviews on Amazon that said the 3XL made them look like a mushroom head. I don't feel like I have a big head but per Bern's size guide I would be 3XL.

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