Out with the old... In with the new...

  • ...footpads

  • Myne look similar, More chips in the wood though...

  • @skylarmb
    If your sensor is still good, would you sell me your old pair?

  • @SterlingFern unfortunately the reason I got new ones is because the sensor started bugging out. Lasted about 1200 miles of rain or shine commuting as well as some off road abuse. Very reasonable imo.

  • @skylarmb Ok, thats what I figured. Yes, you cant expect much more than that considering how much abuse we give these things.

  • Yeah just swapped out my pads, sensors were acting up. Didn't realize how much the grip had worn down too... mine looked just as ugly :)

  • Those innocent looking new pads have no idea whats about to go down.

  • Mine should arrive tomorrow!
    Had some troubles starting lately, think one of the sensors isn't working well...
    And hey, the fresh look will be nice too :)

  • @Polle Yep thats what happened to me. The sensor would detect that I'm already on the board when I wasn't so it wouldn't turn on / start properly

  • i have some pads that work fine. I just had them replaced while i had the wheel replaced. Let me know if you wan them

  • Windex and a tootbrush does wonders on the grip but a new set is just so nice.

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