Two quick tips for new OW owners

    1. Check all of the screws and make sure they are tight. I had several loose on both V1's everything was good on my plus.

    2. Is from another guy on here related to the grip tape. Find a large socket and roll the edges down really hard, then roll the entire surface. My first V1 had the tape come up, however after that I have rolled it down really well with 3 other boards and haven't had any issues. Hope this helps!

  • @bdech15 maybe a rolling pin would work well for #2 also?

  • and wrap it in gold vinyl wrap :)

  • I did put this heavy duty 14 mil helicopter tape on all of my OW's. It's clear, very thick, and provides good roll has done 3 boards so far.

    ISC Helicopter-OG-HD Surface Guard Tape: 2 in. x 30 ft. (Transparent)

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