Low Battery Chirp Built-in

  • @errorik
    Great idea.

  • to all:

    ... You could all start slowly and carefull as we early adopters did when we first owned a new and magical device, and think a bit sceptical of the limits this flying thing has, and learn the characeteristics and the 'feel' before cruising full speed until the battery dies. :-)

  • @Polle So you are against improvements to the user experience since you had to suffer through the issues? Am I missing something?

  • They should have made checking the battery life easier than having to pull out your phone in my opinion. I also think having to slow down and check my phone during riding also takes away from the experience in general. It would have been really easy for them to incorporate either an audible alarm that comes from the board or a simple light system on the deck that shows how much battery is left.

  • @ahxe45 I really like the feature on the Mavic Pro batteries, where you just push the button and it shows you by lighting up 1-4 LED lights how much battery is left. The blinking power button thing on the Onewheel is pretty difficult to really tell how much is left.

  • @thegreck I agree. I'm sure someone smarter than me is on this forum that could rig something up. Now that I think about it I feel like I do remember someone posting a mod like that a really long time ago shortly after the original came out.

  • I didn't think we as humans could really in 2017 allready be too lazy to take a phone out of our pocket and look at it;)
    "Idiocracy";);) ..(great movie)
    that we really need an extra device on the wrist like the smartwatches or something extra to check another device 1or2 feet away checking another device 2 feet away under your feet!!!
    & maybe just take care of your phone so you stay more mobile;););)

  • @COKids said in Low Battery Chirp Built-in:


    I'm not against user improvements, but I don't consider this as an improvement.
    I really don't need this sound, and would find it annoying to have...

  • I had a clone that gave a warning sound at higher speed...it was like riding my alarm clock with all the people watching what that alarm noise was :(:(
    I prefer stealth ;)

  • @timvdp it's not about being lazy it is more about having to slow down to take my phone out of my pocket unlock it look at it than put it back in my pocket. I wouldn't want an audible alarm but it would be extremely easy to just put a simple light system on the deck of the footpad so you can glance down at it while riding. It would make the whole process a lot more natural and a lot more safe. For me personally I would never wear a smart watch because I don't like the way they look and I don't want to have to buy another accessory that I will only use for looking at the battery life.

  • Another good problemsolver is to make yourself a portable battery pack like so many of us did :):)
    check this thread

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