OW+ Fulfillment status (Chart) [Updated 7/1]

  • 11585 shipped 2017-07-13
    We'll now see how long it will ship to Poland and how long customs will take, for now estimation on delivery from FedEx is friday 21st, I doubt it highly, but...

  • @MackaDelic said in OW+ Fulfillment status (Chart) [Updated 7/1]:

    I cannot wait to get my fun wheel plus ! Ran into a fellow in my neighborhood the other night rolling around on his +! He said it took three months to get his, needless to say my jaw hit the ground. Really hoping that things are picking up!
    My two cents : order placed June 29th shipping is holding strong and I hope it stays for August 11th. # 131**

    August 11th is a pretty ambitious shipping estimate. I am still waiting for mine to ship and I purchased in May

  • Well mine went from "in production " back to "in the queue " today. 11,8xx going backwards :(

  • 11,94x jumped into production with the date set for July 18th, but I shall not hold my breath...I'll update should anything change.

  • now i jumped back into production with an estimated shipping date of this coming Monday 7/17.

    Does anyone have a rough eta of when the rest of the bundle pieces ship after the boards?

  • Order 11,909 here. (Also my email is TomFlores@me.com and my address is 11740 Westheimer Road, Houston, Tx for all the 1x,xxx bitches lol) and same, went into production for the first time and ship date swapped from 20th to 18th!
    Ordered May 20th so the real wait time is about 2 months realistically to anyone who may be reading this and wondering if the shipping estimate is true. It's most likely not.. Either way, SUPER PUMPED TO MOST LIKELY FRACTURE YET ANOTHER BONE OR TWO XD

  • I'm still on a Monday estimate for shipping. Hope it happens!

  • 11536 delivered today!

  • 11,771 shipped on 7/14 via FedEx. It's on pace to arrive in Michigan 7/20. I feel like a kid before Christmas. Hang in there -- it's coming soon!

  • 11792 shipped on 14th, delivered today.

  • 1189x still hoping for Monday shipping! Hoping. Bundle comes together now?

  • @keithers Nope, they told me fender & bumpers should show up this coming week.

  • Mine has been updated to "shipped" but I haven't received a shipping confirmation email and the tracking number section is blank still

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just noticed that the homepage is now quoting a 5 week shipping timeframe if you order today. I wonder if they picked up additional distribution help?

    I am still hoping to see a tracking number today. How many of you rode your boards right out of the box, and how many waited for the rest of the bundle to arrive before riding?

  • Just got this email:

    Some of the items from order #118XX have now been shipped:

    1x Onewheel+ - OneWheel Plus - Bundle Plus

    They are being shipped via FedEx

    Maybe they are shipping the bundles together now??

  • @keithers said in OW+ Fulfillment status (Chart) [Updated 7/1]:

    Just got this email:

    Some of the items from order #118XX have now been shipped:

    1x Onewheel+ - OneWheel Plus - Bundle Plus

    They are being shipped via FedEx

    Maybe they are shipping the bundles together now??

    actually...when I click on the link it says that the items being prepared for shipping are the "fender kit" and "bumpers" so maybe the board is not being shipped at all yet? :( Will have to see how heavy the shipment is when it actually goes out

  • @keithers the board alone is a 35lb shipment. Im sure tonight it will be all updated for you. ;)......I rode mine out of the box (I did not get the bundle). I did put the charger on it but in less than 5 minutes it was fully charged. Power that bad boy on and get it!!! I did order the fender because my foot pads were getting nasty but all is good now and the foot pads still look new after cleaning them. I even have a few scrapes on the rails as well. sigh..it was bound to happen. Seems like on concrete it always wants to dump over on its side.

    Do the bumpers protect the rails at all from roll overs?

    Just over 30 miles on mine and loving the fool out of it!

  • Schaaaaawing! Ship date 7/21 #121xx. In production... come to me OW+, I am ready!

  • 11,94x, got the shipping notification for the fender and bumpers, board shipping is still estimated for tomorrow; I am guessing it will actually ship tomorrow.

    Looks like production sped up in the last two weeks!

    Ride on friends. Seriously, if I didn't buy a used V1 I would have absolutely lost my mind by now...

    EDIT: now the whole order says Shipped, but no tracking number yet. Sweeeet.

    And to those whom it may help, I ordered on May 21st.

    Also for what it's worth, my order has the fender and the bumpers combined into the same shipment, with the same FedEx tracking number. Shipping weight is 35lbs.

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