Cycleboard .vs. Onewheel

  • I am a previous owner of the Onewheel 2+ years ago

    Lifelong surfer, skater etc Southern California.

    With Onewheel I purchased all safety equipment (helmet, elbow, knee, wrist). 1st ride pitched the nose got tossed, landed on hip and still have a mark to this day, lucky it did break. Wrist guards and elbow pads also saved me.

    I literally put the Onewheel up for on sale on craigslist with everything included that evening and sold it a few days later taking about a $250+ loss all in.

    I held onto that $$$ and waited for a new project to come out and when I saw the kickstarer video for the Cycleboard I knew this was for me.

    Just seeing if anyone else out there has had an experience riding both.

    I've just received my Cycleboard, close to depot, 1st shipment and loving every mile.

  • Old people's shopping cart!? :(

  • OneWheel for seniors?

  • @Just_Wondering

    As long as you're enjoying it, it's what counts.
    Glad they got the first batch out.
    Been watching EON scooter and they're dreadfully delayed.
    Almost pulled the trigger on it.

  • Between that and an electric wheel chair...tough choice.

  • Nothing is better then the onewheel ..

  • Ugh! Don't wear underpants when you're riding that thing, or someone is likely to give you a wedgie!

  • Not really the same category of vehicle, you know? I'd hate having to have my hands on the handlebars 100% of the time...I'll just ride a bike. But I'm sure there's a niche market for it.

  • If you sold your onewheel why are you lurking here, pushing that POS?

  • Wat. Thats an electric scooter. How are you even comparing it to a onewheel? I think you have your audiences confused... calling /r/hailcorporate

  • That is an electric scooter, and they have been around for a long time. They have been boring for a long time too. They are still boring.

    Whatever floats your boat though.

  • they do look practical and safe, I might get one when I'm 60

    Is this the beefed up version of the cyloboard? Called the DVT shredder.

  • So many new electric gadgets coming out.
    This is another cool toy that is similar to Onewheel on run time,
    and with charging equipment on a boat, you can shred all day.

  • @sonny123
    Great find... That would be a blast. My stunt days on a wakeboard are likely at a minimum but something like that would let you carve for hours (best part).

  • The Green Goblin from spiderman is FRENCH!! ;)

  • @timvdp

    Is that Fabuz flying?

  • @sonny123 said in Cycleboard .vs. Onewheel:


    Is that Fabuz flying?

    LOL! could be...but come on... special effects from the spiderman movie matched in real life!!!:):)
    I feel lucky to live in our times;)...& owning a OW

  • @timvdp

    I think it's real.
    Before you know it,
    someone will invent one that you can stand on like Onewheel.
    Only thing is, you only get to nose dive once...

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