Vinyl Wraps

  • Id like to see everyone pictures of custom vinyl wrap work on there OW's, please post pictures of there customizations. :)

  • if this thing would let me post a pic I would show you message me on the fb owners group I can show u the 2 I did.

  • @itwire Yeah it wouldn't let me post mine either. Fucking annoying, and I can't believe they haven't fixed that yet!

  • @Pod
    Here is my simple step tread wrap. Wanted the reflective yellow and black.
    0_1493084823671_Image 36.jpg

  • When removing the wrap, does it leave any glue?
    Is it easy to remove and does it mark or remove any blue paint from the rails? Thanks

  • @thehoff buy professional quality wrap, not cheap china wraps and use a heat gun to remove and should be fine.

  • @Pod cheers dude

  • @Pod loads on the facebook group.

  • Trying to decide between these wraps: 3M Red Metallic and Autvivid Carbon Fiber Burgundy.

    I was also considering layering 2 colors (like burgundy and black) and cutting out a pattern revealing the color below but I'm not sure how well these things sit on top of each other...

    Possibly a burgundy wrap with a spiderman emblem cut out to reveal the onewheel blue underneath?

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