Almost destroyed my elbow and my neighbor's car, wtf?

  • Onewheel + and dismount, every time it shoots out like a projectile when my foot isn't even on it anymore. My v1 never did this, extremely dangerous I would say @onewheel seriously I need a fix for this. I traditionally dismount my lifting my front toes and spinning on my heel off the board to break the circuit. On my onewheel + this is no bueno, any advice out there.

    Here is video evidence, on grass its easy to stay upright and keep ow from flying off, on cement, not so much

  • Not sure the judge would accept that as evidence, as it didn't shoot out, but I've seen a lot of threads about this issue over the past few years. It's a faulty pressure sensor, or the sensor could just be getting stuck in the on position by the grip tape or something.

  • @louman73 it appears you're letting tail down almost at the same time you're dismounting your front foot, and it's trying to process the request for backwards acceleration (when the tail is pressed down and the motor's still engaged) with the simultaneous request to stop the board when you dismount the front foot, and it's not working out. Maybe try dismounting off the front pad but don't push down on the back footpad, allowing the motor to disengage, and then the tail will fall.

  • @groovyruvy

    Once you lift off one sensor, you need to allow it up to 1 second and you'll feel the motor disengaging in which you can let the tail down.

  • Yep, I agree with above about delaying the step off. Once your heel is lifted, make the board remain in a level plane. Once you hear or feel the motor disengage (doesn't take too long), the tail can then drop, and stepping off can occur.

  • Agree, need a new technique. Come to a stop first, then slide your foot off and let it shutdown and drop.

  • we're being to sly ;)
    first stop
    then slide of sensor, I would advise sliding toward the front end..wait for the cut off
    then dismount

  • I had that issue the first few days also. Seeing it in grass doesn't do it justice. The wheel wouldn't t be spinning in reverse, if he were on cement u would see the traction launch the board forward. Put some nice scuffs on the back of my helmet that first day😃 Definite delay that u need to wait for before dismounting.

  • @thegreck Yup like I said, my demo was on grass because the wheel will slip, if I move to concrete it shoots off like a projectile.

  • @groovyruvy Do you have a onewheel v1 and a +? There is a noticable difference, I never had this issue on the v1.

  • @louman73 I have both. Agree there are noticeable differences between the 2 boards, and that dismounting on the + may take a tad more getting used to, however even on the original you need to give it a moment to let the motor disengage before letting the tail down.

  • @Eliminator 0_1493395726227_IMG_20170427_172002.jpg

    Yup I bet its an "enhancement" but to me, this is my reminder!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @louman73 Damn dude--wth part of your body is that? It looks like you're growing a horn....

  • @louman73 what is that- is that a knee, or an elbow?

  • @louman73 Ouch!

  • I think that'a a hairy puffy nipple, lol

  • Elbow for 800 alex

  • Dear god! Are you a man or a rhinoceros?!?

  • Maybe your title should not be about the car but about your ELBOW...damn....I also still have a bumb on my elbow a year later but not that big...auch!!
    go see a doctor!;)

  • So one thing I noticed in regards to the V1 vs the +. The V1 will disengage under 3mph whereas the plus needs to be under 1mph. It is in the manual if I am not mistaken.

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