V1 for $1100 or wait and get the v2 for $1500 plus tax???

  • Ive been obsessing since testing the v1 a long while back and never pulled the trigger.

    Long story short, I have an opportunity to purchase a v1 new in box for $1100 all in.

    Should I go for it or wait 4 weeks and spend the extra dough for the v2?

    Guru's please advise and thank you.

  • Buy the V1 today!!!
    Seriously, stop thinking about it and just do it!!!

  • Ha! Must say I don't hate that reply. Just don't want to regret not waiting and getting the v2. I'm reading mixed things about how profound the difference is. Thoughts?

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai tough call. Not a bad deal for a brand-new V1 still in the box, and it's available now, so you could be riding within a few days. If you've got the patience (and the stomach to hang tight through any possible delays) and you think you're more of an advanced rider who will be pushing speed limits and needing more power, may be worth getting the plus. I really like the added stability you get from the plus.

  • I'd be a pleasure rider. Not looking for the extreme experience. Since the range didn't improve I'm torn. If the + had a significant range improvement I'd be more convinced to wait. Yeah, I could be riding today actually if I went and picked it up over my lunch hour. I just do tend to get impulsive. But, I did wait this long. Hmmmmmm. I like that it would be under warrantee as opposed to a used one.

    Any other big reasons to hold out for the +? Saving $500 doesn't hurt. But if I get on a + and am amazed at the difference, I'd feel regretful.

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai tough call Buckaroo, I'd say get the v1 now. If in the future you try the plus and love it, you can resell your v1 and get most of your $1100 back.

  • Are the v1s going to hold their value now that the + should be readily available? Thanks groovy.

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai the v1s will continue to hold their value, however it's a little softer with the plus now being available. If you keep your v1 in decent shape I'd think you'd have no issues getting $700-1000 for it on resale. The v1 is awesome, make no mistake. It's appealing to a lot of prospective buyers that the v1 is less than the plus, and everyone loves a deal.

  • Thanks again groovy. Side question, can it be carried on a domestic flight? I have a work trip coming up in Vegas and it would be perfect for getting from my hotel to the worksite. :)

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai not so much. Search the forum for threads on carrying OW on planes. The summary is, it's not allowed. A few have somehow managed to get it on a plane, but most of us are concerned about it being prohibited, and then you're stuck at the airport with your OW and a flight that you can't get on. Although there's added cost and logistics involved, may be best to ship it to yourself in Vegas, then ship it back.

  • I'm leaning (no pun intended) on picking up the v1 today. Someone, anyone talk me out of it! LOL! :)

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai
    Get the V1 now and enjoy time with it. You will likely desire getting a second to have company on the rides and then you can decide on the OW+ or another OW. The RIDE is better than the WAIT.

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai
    I guess I did not help on talking you out of the V1..... LOL

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai If you are going to buy a v1, get it used. That will help with your concern of it holding value. I personally think the v2 is $500 better.

  • @markdjr - Thanks for the reply. Not seeing a lot of used ones for much less. And I like knowing I'm the original owner. Hard to know what people put these devices through.

    What I'm trying to understand is why the v2 is $500 better. Any insights would be appreciated.


  • V1 rocks and ain't no wait.
    I rest my case.

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai I've got both. Just buy the V1 and enjoy the hell out of it. I like the +, but I would not regret if I had not bought it. The V1 rocks, and the differences are relatively subtle. Noticeable, but definitely not a "game changer" type of difference.

  • @shattle Thanks! That's good to know. I might just do it today. Or tomorrow latest before someone else swoops in a buys it. :)

  • Quit thinking about it and just go buy the damn V1!
    Last thing you want to do is pay $1,600 wait 2+ months for it to show up.
    As a new rider, you'll hardly know the difference.

  • @jeffmccosker This is the tough love I need!

  • Is there a way to determine the production date of the unit form the box? Want to make sure it was produced recently and not sitting in the box since 2014. Thanks again guys. I think I'm gonna do it later this afternoon! :D

    How often are repairs needed if not abusing the unit? Shipping back and forth from Northern Cal must get expensive. Hoping it's like a tank. I don't plan on riding too rough.

    Awesome community! Looking forward to being a full fledged member.

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