Looking for one of those OW Hats

  • Hey I'd love to wear one of those free hats being given with every delayed Plus order.

    If you're not a fan of hats or what have you, I'd gladly pay for shipping. Or price it fairly and I'll consider buying. Thank you in advance!

  • Me too! I'd love one.

  • @Bcmang get in line you! 😉 Haha

  • Looking to buy a Onewheel hat 🎩 I want the solid protection of soft fabric around my scull and the confidence to know people know I'm a cool onewheel owner.

    Let me know your price :)

  • Pay for shipping & standard hat price ($20?) and I'll send you mine. I don't wear hats with a plastic fastener.

  • Uh I didn't get a hat with my delayed order? What do you mean by every delayed Plus?

  • @goodblake-eskate you probably didn't complain (enough) to them

  • @bazzingapunk oh man the complaints will be a coming now!! :)

    I primarily limited my complaining to these forums. I didn't want to send them an email just to get the same canned BS response they gave everyone else who sent them an email.

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