Making sure everyone is aware

  • Hey I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the Onewheel Owners Group on Facebook.
    We are up to >2,500 members and there is a LOT more activity and participation than here on the forum.
    Not sure if this link will work, but just search for Onewheel Owners Group and click on Follow!
    Link to Group

  • unfortunately, that requires a FB account!

  • @iiikz - exactly!! I take pride in not belonging to Facebook.

  • It is a great group, we have a good thing going over there.

  • Seems like the facebook group has turned into what the forum used to be. The forum seems to be slowly becoming less and less active.

  • @wr420 said in Making sure everyone is aware:

    @iiikz - exactly!! I take pride in not belonging to Facebook.

    I know, FB is the worst! The Owners Group is really the only thing keeping me there.

  • Yeah, for all the Fbook haters, just create a bogus name/account so that you can at least login to the owners group. That way you won't have to actually have old highschool friends hitting you up and what not.

  • @Snurfer

    Yep, got a fake account for few groups I check out.
    I find the forum easier to navigate.
    Traffic seemed to have picked since the + release.

  • Groups like that are exactly what make Facebook so good. People sharing ideas, tips & tricks, photo's & video's,'s a fantastic group to be in if you're a OneWheel fan.

  • Made a dummy FB account last month to join a local gaming group, figured I might as well join the Onewheel Owners group while I'm on there. My request to join the group was denied.

  • I've been meaning to write a post like this, I feel like I barely show up to this forum anymore sadly. FB has made it easier to share videos/photos instantly. So yeah I urge everyone to make the transition haha

    It FM fixed the uploading hassles and actually made a presence here, it be much easier to stick with the forums.

  • @braswell What are you talking about? It's easy to post pictures on the forum! Look:


  • @l4rzzz Hey shoot me a DM with your info, then re-apply to join. I'll make sure you can get access. The moderators try to keep fake accounts and spam off the page so if your FB looks "fake" it will probably get denied.

  • There is that one joker...

  • damn, maybe its time to make a fake FB account.

  • Damn... I can't access FB at work and that is the only time I get on these forums... :(

  • @goodblake-eskate use your fb on cell phone
    the firewalls can't block the app.

  • Hahaha.

    I just noticed I'm totally blocked. ROFL.

    Some idiot offered $2300 for a OW+ - I went with it and started an open auction post to see if anyone was actually stupid enough to pay that.

    And banned.. Seriously, it's funny, but makes me wonder if the mods know that this sort of thing makes them look incompetent and like a crybaby bitch for doing zero to actually warn or ask folks to do whatever you want. Nope, instead you act like child and just ban/block anyone you have any small issue with.

    If the mod in question cares to apologize or explain him or herself I'm listening, but I'm expecting crickets - people like that essentially never recognize they're in the wrong.

  • @OW-Miami sounds like you are the one crying.. just saying. Don't think anyone needs to apologize to you either as I don't think they were really wrong in their reasoning. Only thing they did wrong was they are learning as they go and implementing rules as things come up. The whole point of that group is for owners to give helpful tips and share experiences with other owners not to be a dick and try and over charge "stupid" people as you say. That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the group. Im sure if you apologize they will let you back in to the group ( ;

  • @OW-Miami If you want to over charge "stupid" people go to ebay don't try and exploit the community of people that are there to help you and everyone else.

  • @OW-Miami said in Making sure everyone is aware:

    And banned.

    I feel like maybe they should PM you first and warn you about the behavior they find unacceptable and maybe why. Just banning you with no warning doesn't seem fair.

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