How do you change the driving mode without the app?

  • I remember reading that you could but I can't find out how.

  • @killerClownShoes meet up with me I'll change it lol.. I hear u can hold the power button but I dont know exactly.. Extreme mode is all you need

  • @killerClownShoes I feel like I read how to do this a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...all I think I remember is that it involved using the sensor pad to make changes.

  • To switch manually: turn it off, flip on side with power button up; turn it on and the power light will flash 1-4 times, telling you which mode it is in; tap the pressure sensor to go up 1 mode (or back to 1 from 4).

    "We strongly advise against using this to select your riding modes. First, the 1 blink is a learning mode that is not ready to be used. It has not been refined or tested enough for it to be in public use so please, do not use it. Secondly, when we introduce new modes down the line the manual system will become outdated and correspond to the wrong settings which can also be really dangerous. Again, we strongly advise against using this system." -FM

  • You can only select 2,3,4 classic, extreme, elevated... :)

  • @indutaurus Dude, what's your deal? First we get nothing but spam posts from you, now you're just going around posting faux-helpful comments on random posts from nearly a year ago. I think these people have probably worked it out already!

  • @Julian heeeeeeeeelp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @germx I've never seen the one blink. Why the F would it be on there if not ready. Why why why. @Future-Motion are you guys still coming in to work or what? Have you become sales and repair only? Nothing new in much time. No forum presence. @Future-Motion @kyledorkesen or whatever. @someone wtf

  • @indutaurus, EAT YOUR DICK.

  • @kbman Maybe it's not even there? I don't know. I haven't used the method in ages, since there's multiple apps for it on android now.
    Not that I usually change it much anyway, mostly just leave it on extreme.
    They probably aren't going to work on it since they said not to use the manual switch, but I agree that they are a bit too quiet.
    Hopefully they are working on something fun.

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