2 year old onewheel reliable?

  • Hi there im looking to buy a used onewheel, owner says it was purchased december 2014. It looks in good shape, but i was wondering about the battery? Does anybody have any information how long a battery on a onewheel performs well? Should i buy this thing ? Lol . He asking $1000 CAD. Thanks, for any info helps .

  • Bought my V1 well used a year ago and been riding it daily and still runs like a champ.
    Got a 22** serial number.
    Those oldies are classic.

  • Any idea on how many miles? I woud probably spend a little more and get a newer one. It might be a kick stater board and they have older hardware(controller) and some had a knocking noise in the axle/wheel.
    The batteries though are long lasting and don't suffer from memory issues etc.. I think they said you loose around 7% capacity after 2000 charge cycles. I can't remember the exact % but somewhere in that neighborhood.

  • For that price you should get a new one.. I think they are 1300$ new

  • That's about $730. It's a steal.

  • $1,000 might be a little too steep for that one, you can get a new OneWheel V1 on Amazon for a couple hundred more I think. I'd do that or get the + for $1,499 with full warranty.

  • Everyone note the CAD he isn't saying USD like @sonny123 the exchange rate makes it around $730 US Dollars. @heinzketchup83 if it looks like it is in good shape and rides ok I would maybe go for it.

  • Ask how many miles it has on it and you may want to get a new tire and foot pads but that price is pretty steep for the age i would just get a new v1 so you still have the warranty

  • Lol @ the people saying you can get it new for $1,300.

    To Canada, it's $1,300 + $300 shipping ($1,600 USD), which is 2191.14 CAD. Then about another $100 in import duties, so around $2,300 CAD once you're all said and done.

  • I have a used Demo V1, less then a year old 350 miles on it for 1000$. DM If interested.

  • To reduce the comments from the know-it-alls who don't understand currency exchange rates it would probably be better just to convert the price to US dollars before posting.

  • As far as reliability goes, I have a ridiculous number of miles on my V1 and it's going strong! Serial 2449... I have a feeling I will be ripping it for years to come :) The battery life is surprisingly still pretty good, too. I get ~5-6 miles out of it with 20PSI (150lbs).

  • @slydogstroh that's encouraging! I've got about 60# on you and I too get about the same mileage per charge on my v1, also at 20psi.

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