OW+ won't connect anymore

  • Anybody else having problems since downloading the update? My phone won't connect to either of my boards anymore. I've tried restarting phone/app/board in each and every order, but no luck....

  • @Christofire try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your phone, should do the trick

  • @Christofire I had to click the "Forget this board" button on the old app before the new one would find it.

  • I deleted the app and reinstalled and it worked..

  • I was afraid deleting the app would delete my info, but having no other choice, I did so and was asked to enter username/password. Fixed and fixed 😬

  • @Christofire did you lose all of your stats?

  • @ahxe45 Nope, stats are saved online via your login info. Chances are, like me, it's been so long since originally d/l the app, you forget that you had set up a personal account. Re-download the app, sign in, then connect to the boards and the stats come back. Only thing missing was each individual boards top speed. Your leaderboard top speed remains in tact though so no biggie...

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