Possible to charge while riding?

  • I'm sure this has been asked before (although I couldn't find such a topic while searching), but is it possible to charge while using/riding? I was just curious, as it would be rather easy to mount a battery and tether (or tether from a backpack) for extended range... if this were possible.

    Has anyone tried this?

  • @kevinrwhitley at the moment as far as I know no one has been able to charge their board while riding. If you even move the board while it is plugged in you can get all sorts of error codes so FM must have made sure this was not possible for safety reasons.

  • @ahxe45 Thanks for the reply! Makes sense, I was just curious if that were even a possible challenge for us to tackle.

  • @kevinrwhitley That would be cool though! A lot of people carry chargers in their backpacks, it would be nice if you could just drop a cord out of the bag and plug it into the board when it started getting low.

  • a crash would not be so cool

  • @timvdp Totally agree (regarding wrecks with a backpack tether), but if this worked, you could fashion a fender or something that protectively held a battery above the wheel (weight-distributed, generally protected), and pop it on when extended travel was desired...

  • @timvdp said in Possible to charge while riding?:

    a crash would not be so cool

    Depends on how suave you look doing it.

  • @thegreck said

    Depends on how suave you look doing it.

    true....sunglasses would help!;)LOL
    I just excersize patience and take a little break to charge from my backpack :)

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