OneWheel wreck NASCAR style!

  • We had a big wreck this weekend. I decided to have a little fun with it. Enjoy!

  • @MichaelW nice. Hoping our bro Mike V is doing ok.

  • Ouch! Sounds like it was sand slippery.

  • Mike says his knee is going to be ok. May need to take a week off from riding. Hopefully not a bigger injury or this video is definitely in poor taste. Great seeing you guys this weekend. We have all had our spills hopefully this will be the first and last OneWheel pile up. I guess that is what can happen when you get 18 riders together. Unreal. @groovyruvy

  • I'm glad it wasn't a bad spill.

    I have ridden that stretch of path in Venice many times (on manual bikes and ebikes) to know that sand is mean. I ride on the pedestrian path or grass if possible.

  • Not sure if anyone else noticed, but the common abbreviation for onewheeel is "OW"!

    Hope everyone is ok.

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