selling 3 week old onewheel

  • less then 10 miles on the onewheel. VERY few light scratches I do mean very few. Comes with box receipt and 11 months left on warranty. I never registered the onewheel and it was purchased new 3 weeks back. 1100.00. Comes as I purchased it in box with all materials.

  • Is this a plus or an OG (V1) ?

  • its version 1 not the plus

  • @nycarpenter If this isn't a Onewheel+ I think you'll have a tough time selling it for this price, no matter how slight the scratches are, since a brand-new, no risk V1 board only costs 1 to 2 hundred more.

  • V1 still selling on eBay for over a $1000.
    If you're in no hurry, $1000 cash or little more is very reasonable for 3 weeks old OW.

  • No need or rush to sell just put it out there to see what the market value was today :)

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