How do I attach a camera to the OneWheel?

  • I'm looking for advice on a camera mount stable enough to clip on the side of the OneWheel.
    I am hoping to attach Theta S 360 camera on the board.

    Is this clip good enough?

    Can you recommend a better solution?


  • I don't believe that will clip to anything..I suggest a sticky mount.. The kind with 3M tape.. Less vibrations

  • Thanks for the tip!!!

  • @dino checkout @Rivershred 's videos. Mounting a go pro on a 5 foot painters pole or broken sup paddle is where its at for a variety of front, side, top, and rear footage. i have a telescopic sure-line painters pole and it works great but is a little heavy and has some noise.
    The theta 360s would give some great shots mounted to the board though. I cant wait to see!

  • Thanks @njcustom and @ashewheeler The board arrives on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted on my results.
    Thanks for the tips! I might drive over to Lowes today for some 3M tape and a painter's pole!!!

  • I was just doing some searching to try and find a good solution for attaching a GoPro to my OneWheel and found a cool looking swivel clamp mount that I thought might work:

    And I think I'd need this in order to attach it to the camera:

    $17 total, not bad!

  • I attached a GoPro mount just to the rear of the on/off button. It works great with the GoPro session.0_1453512052747_image.jpeg

  • @scalthom Beautiful!!!!

  • 0_1453512334728_image.jpeg ![0_1453512297969_image.png](composer.uploading, 100%)

    This shot would be a lot cooler if I had remembered @njcustom's fender.

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