Simple DIY handle/carry solution

  • Simple....Effective. Thank You!

  • @iiikz your grip appears that of sandpaper. I get the feeling you prefer the unconventional. Pretty sweet idea. Thanks for sharing with us. (:

  • @PavementMatador it's the clear vicious tape. looks brown in the photos because of the wood stain, but it looks more like translucent crystal in real life.

  • Great job @iiikz - I love the simplicity and you'll be a fan favorite if you carry a spare (which seems super easy with this minimalist design) on a group ride when someone runs out of juice. I'd say something like this is perfect for the person that rarely expects to haul their OW, with @thegreck side handle being for the commuter or rider that regularly has to quickly grab their OW and go while on the run.

    Could you post the exact length of the line you used? Thanks!

  • @kevinrwhitley it's just over 6 feet. mine is something like 6'3", but results will vary depending on how you tie off the ends, what material you use, etc...

    the real beauty is in simplicity and flexibility. your assessment about use is exactly what i had in mind - I'm a recreational user, not commuter. my interest in carrying is primarily as backup if i run out of juice. for everyday riding i prefer the cleaner look without accessories.

    today i made a new and improved version - just as small and convenient to carry while riding, but longer and made out of webbing so that it can be shouldered. in my opinion, this is the way to go, and solves most of the problem for folks who were searching for backpacks, etc... with the looped buckle, it can be adjusted in length for comfort. the only downside now is having a dirty OW (especially the tire) up against your clothes. I have a good idea about the next version to solve that problem.

    happy making, folks.

    0_1494681935383_2017-05-13 08.09.44.jpg
    0_1494681949427_2017-05-13 08.10.55.jpg
    0_1494681960498_2017-05-13 08.11.41.jpg
    0_1494681973689_2017-05-13 08.12.48.jpg

  • K.I.S.S.
    thanks for sharing :)

  • Those shoulder straps are great! Any chance you'd consider making/selling them to those of us too lazy to make them ourselves?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Coincidentally, I was about to post my semi-improvised handles and ask if anyone else would want one (let me know if you object to me hijacking the thread and I'll create a new one).

    I was too cheap to splash out on the nice ones that @thegreck has been crafting, so I butchered some roll bar straps. They're not pretty and it's a little fiddly at first to loop the straps through, but it's pretty sturdy and better than carrying it without a strap.

    If anyone else is interested, I have a spare and I could make more. I'm based in the UK but I'll post them wherever, provided people are willing to pay international shipping. Let me know what everyone thinks would be a fair price for them?

    0_1494764343959_DSCF5632 - Copy.jpg
    1_1494764413684_DSCF5629.jpg 0_1494764413684_DSCF5627.jpg

  • @iiikz this was a great idea. Smart, effective and easy to throw on. Made one today. awesome!

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