A four wheel electric skate board that competes with OW? Yep! Its almost here...

  • This is the first I've been tempted by a four wheel board as I dislike remotes with a passion. Looks amazing right?! What do you guys think?


  • @MichaelW looks pretty interesting. I really like that you don't need a hand control.

  • @MichaelW I saw this the other day. I would be all in if the boards weren't so tiny.

  • @ahxe45

    Yep, was thinking the same.
    Couldn't they make it even more short...??? lol..

  • @sonny123 @ahxe45 There are all different sizes. Super small to large.

  • Looks similar to the Z board.
    Not so sure about foot control when the board sits flat.
    My e board ain't getting much use with Onewheel on hand.

  • @MichaelW even the largest board seems small to me for some reason. Maybe if I saw it in person it would be different.

  • "that competes with OW"... very unlikely. This is a very different Board. It would never survive where I ride my OW. It may compete with the ZBoard (as previously mentioned), but it's really just another ESK8 board. Interesting to see in the video that the guy almost looks to jump off rather than come to a stop.I hope it turns out to be an awesome board.

  • Looks a bit difficult

  • I don't think that it would at all compete with the OW they are 2 different types of products, one is a street skateboard like a motorized small penny board and one is an off road one wheeled 2 horsepower skateboard with one wheel in the middle, thy are 2 different products, the onewheel is awesome because it can go off-road and it is like powder snowboarding, the skateboard your talking about has 4 wheels and you would go flying if you hit a small pebble as on the onewheel you wouldn't even feel it. The skateboard won't "compete" with the OW at best it will be something a person interested in the ow would look at for a bit and decide not to get, if you feel like you wanna get it do so it's only 300 bucks and it may suit your area and your riding style better than the OW.

  • Saw this on OW FB page.
    Looks pretty stupid to me.


  • When i say competes I mean it loosly guys. The OneWheel has no real competition.

  • @sonny123 I briefly owned a Z board 2 Blue. Horrible. The foot sensors made the whole ride unpredictable and jerky. I felt unstable and always ready to bail the whole time I rode it. Owned it for a weekend and then on eBay it went.

  • @MichaelW Like the absence of hand controls
    but the seesaw-kinda motion of the OneWheel is missing.
    And that makes all the difference to me..

  • @SaturnOne if you like the hands free ride look at zboard very durable fast and crazy range

  • @SaturnOne The see-saw motion does it for me as well.

  • @MichaelW

    Already for sale with a much better form factor is the remote is what you are trying to get rid of:

  • Would be interesting if ZBoard made their board so that you could use it with or without a remote (i.e. if the remote is on, the sensor pads are disabled).

  • The Silver model looks interesting. It's the only one with a range that makes the charge time worth it. Boo for no supercharger. These guys use a lot of bing words though. One of their competing brands they list as using "Foot Pads", then they list their board as having "3D Step" instead. Kinda sounds like another word for footpads to me. Not that "Digital Shaping" is all that different as far as bing words for basic features go.

    That kickstarter video... They should have just used the nerdy dude at the end pitching the board the whole time. Watching Douchey Paul Rudd smirk through all the features made me feel punchey.

  • I have a Inboard, and really like it. Prefer my OW almost always, but for long bike lane rides it's pretty sweet.

  • https://www.jyro.com this one looks pretty awesome! If OneWheel doesn't go after them for copyright issues.

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