Runaway OW V1 Smashes into Curb

  • I lost my balance on my month old OG while I was coming to a slow stop and it rode itself for like 6 seconds across the street into the curb and smashed up the front. It won't power on now! I'm so sad! 😭😫

    Last weekend I had the same thing happen where it went on it's own after I lost my balance while it was stopping and it narrowly missed my girlfriend who was long boarding near me and it stopped by wedging itself under my car.

    Has this happened to anyone else where it doesn't power on after a bad crash?

    These pics are of the front/sensor/control panel side btw.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • That sounds like a mechanical issue with the foot sensors. FM should cover this with a warranty repair. Keep us posted.

  • @gmay3 it sounds to me like maybe you're not getting a clean dismount, in which case it is not unusual for the board to continue moving forward on its own for a short distance. Looking at your board it took a pretty severe beating, and may need to go back to FM for repairs.

  • Exact same thing happened to me. I sent it back, they couldn't "duplicate" the error (no shit--it wouldn't turn on); I had to pay for new footpad.

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