Digital Shaping 2.0 - Additional Modes

    • Elevated: sometimes you know you're going up a steep hill and need all the help you can get!
    • Eco: I would love a riding mode that would limit power output dramatically to ensure maximum efficiency. When range anxiety kicks in, I'd love having the peace of mind of knowing I'm doing everything I can to make it back home!

  • The Eco-mode is hard to achieve in my opinion...
    All the board can do is keep you balanced, so it will need to use all the power that is necessary to keep you balanced.
    I think you as a rider can make it eco by keeping your balance...

  • for eco, you could probably switch to the modes that limit your speed earlier. Less speed = Less battery used

  • @CBR-954rr - Intuitively I agree, but surely there is an 'optimal' speed (assumuing flat ground, any slope REALLY messes this up) - has anyone every actually tried to figure this out?

    I think the app shows power use in real time, as well as real MPH, should be easy enough to graph, and plot the resulting efficiency...

  • @Polle said in Digital Shaping 2.0 - Additional Modes:

    The Eco-mode is hard to achieve
    I think you as a rider can make it eco by keeping your balance...

    They could make a Regen mode that automatically regenerates the battery as you ride. (j/k)

  • @thegreck just hang on to a car Back to the Future style!

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