Used/Demo Onewheel

  • Hey, I was wondering what would be a reasonable price for a used Onewheel v1 with around 100miles? Any advice welcome for a newbie.

    Tried one last weekend and I'm obsessed now...


  • @Enrok 900-1000

  • Occasionally you may get lucky and they're moving them for 700-800 which is a steal price.

  • Thanks! Anything I should watch out for or be aware of that might be an issue?

  • @Enrok Make sure you check out the wear indicators on the tires because even though it has low miles they could have ridden it at a low tire pressure and ruined the tire. Other than that make sure the battery cells are all balanced and if you can test ride it even better so you can see if it feels normal or isn't making any weird noises.

  • Everything @ahxe45 said plus ask them when the warranty was registered. It's important to have some warranty on it still as it is transferable and you might need to use it.

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