Grip tape coming off.

  • But nothing some UHU glue can't fix.


  • Slap some Viscous grip on that bad boy and call it a day!

  • I'm probably gonna have to.
    Still have some leftovers from my skating days.

  • +1 - go vicious and don't look back.

  • If I were you, I would wait to replace the front pad until they are available to buy from FM. There is a very slight chance replacing the front could damage the sensor.

  • @jeffmccosker

    The front seems fine so far.
    Besides, I'm gonna try to get by on originals as long as I can.
    Kinda like the design.. ;)

  • I just heated it up with a blowdryer and stuck it back down. Good to go! I noticed if you leave it in a hot car it will come up. The V1 used to have that problem with heat as well...

  • @jeffmccosker does it still have the plastic under the grip tape on the v1

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