V1 for sale in the Santa Cruz/San Jose area

  • Hi All,

    Bought a Onewheel with the hopes I'd ride it and bunch and haven't. Bought it about 2-3 months ago and maybe got out on it for a total of five miles. So, it's going up for sale.

    It's in great condition, has about 275 miles on it, extra (used) footpads and bumpers, charger plus the original shipping box. Can supply pics if you want.

    Price: $950 plus shipping (obviously no shipping costs if we meet up for the sale).

  • @dudecati Hi I'm definitely interested could you send pics to jimmersis@mac.com thanks. Could it be ready to ship this weekend?

  • Just took some pics and emailed them to you. Yes, it could be ready to ship this weekend no problem. I've got the original box that it came in plus the box that that box was placed in to ship it originally.

  • Still up or grabs?

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