sharp turns on OW+

  • I'm new to OW+, had it for some 20 miles and today I was practicing carving at some medium speeds and as I lean forward and backwards (to turn left and right, i.e forward wrt to the body, not the direction of movemebt) I can do it, but if I try to make sharper turns, my phones starts vibrating that I'm loosing pressure on the footpads. How is one supposed to do that?

    Also, I'm right handed and seemingly right-footed (when I slide in socks I have my right foot forwards, when I play soccer I play with right), but I just find riding goofy much more natural. It was what I instinctively did when picking up the board for the first time and yesterday I tried for a while the other way and it just felt very weird. Should I be worried?

  • Goofy should be fine. What I recommend is counter balancing with your rear foot while turning, so you can keep that front foot planted. Practice while going slow and it should be quick to figure which part of your foot is lifting. For me it was front toe while doing heel side turn, I push in with my back heel more to counter this.

  • @pinegreen Right foot forward is goofy. So says a lifelong goofy....

  • Not sure if you are aware, but there is a goofy foot button in the OW app settings. I'm not sure what it does, but you might try turning it on and see if it helps you.....

  • @carvetherapy Really? I have not seen it?

  • @carvetherapy Doesn't do anything else than changing the icon on the app, doesn't affect the riding/shaping etc...

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