OneWheel at our NYC E-Board Group Ride - He Represented!!!

  • Hello All,
    I own both a electric unicycle and a Onewheel v1 to be exact. I'm usually participating in group rides with the e-skateboard community. We are usually cruising around 20mph probably even more depending on road conditions.

    I always told myself I have to use my unicycle because the Onewheel would never keep up..

    Boy was I wrong...

    On Saturday we had a guy who joined the group and came with his Onewheel.. I had my doubts... Not only did he keep up.. There was time's when he was in front of the group... Battery Range and speed was no issue.. He was that good riding tilt back the whole time very comfortably!

    Anyway I'm usually the guy filming the group ride and I have in it as well. I though I should share..

    I hope you guys like.. I wouldn't post this here if there wasn't a Onewheel through out the video. He represented!!!! All I know is now i'm going to get real good on it and start riding it more.

    YouTube Video

    Thank you all for watching!
    Let me know what you think..

  • That was me! So much fun riding with the crew

  • @PowerWheel5000 Love it. Can spot the OneWheeler a mile away 'cuz it's the rider who's carving hard and fast.

  • @PowerWheel5000 dude you freaking rock man!!!! you have to come out more.. If you know anybody else with one invite them...

  • @shattle yeah man!! man I was pumped to get on mine once I saw @PowerWheel5000

  • Tishawn.... glad to have you here
    have always loved your videos and your EUC riding ability
    thanks for joining us

  • @spalding12 No thank you for having me!! I love the community and is happy to be part of it !

    I'm no professional but I'm glad to be able to create something entertaining!

  • @thecool32 you've got amazing skills on that unicycle! Multi-tasking recording while whipping around faster and more agile than anyone else, it's super cool! Wish there was was more video of you cause honestly you're the most entertaining rider in the group! You're like Inspector Gadget out there

  • Well put together. Makes me want to come out there and ride with everyone.

  • Awesome video. Got me stoked for getting on my +...once it arrives 🤣

  • @SkyPilot dude you should come out oneway and ride with us - we would love.

  • @keeevin I've heard nothing but good things man.. you'll be happy!! I'm still enjoy v1 haha!!

  • @thecool32 next time I fly out Manhattan I'll let you know. Currently living in Detroit...home of the slow roll. :)

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