Unusual questions asked by random strangers

  • I've been riding my OW for few months now and have been surprised by some of the questions I've been asked by random strangers.

    Obviously there are the usual ones:

    What is that?
    How fast does it go?
    How much did it cost?

    But I'm interested to hear some of the more unusual questions other OW riders have been asked.

    My favourite so far is:

    Is the battery for that thing in your backpack?

  • I had a guy ask me if I just lean and it goes.. I said yeah but its battery powered and then he looked at me like I was speaking Chinese and said "really?" ... Lol

  • People always ask me how it works and sometimes when im in a hury i point my fingers at my brain and ride off but then i yell rideonewheel.com

  • @andyb The most common weird question I get is "Did you make that?" I guess I must look like an ultra talented individual :sunglasses:

  • @Code-ster I get that the most too. I think it's the square wood deck just looks whole made to some people.

  • @Code-ster I get that a lot too! It's pretty flattering as there is no way I can imagine being able to make something half as technical as a OW.

  • @ashewheeler @andyb I think the question really attests to the novelty of the OW and the technology involved. It's still very new with little mass exposure and I think most people simply haven't seen a OW before when they ask that question. Seeing something so unbelievable in person without any clue to its existence before that moment can make something seem like a one-of-a-kind I suppose.

  • @Code-ster a onewheel of a kind if you wheel! Haha

  • @ashewheeler :joy:

  • I've gotten a feel " that must be a good core workout" ... thinking it's some crazy moving balance board contraption.

  • "where is the motor in that thing????"

  • @ashewheeler okay i am thinking drinking a beer or two with you would be pretty entertaining. :smirk:

  • You guys are going to slow.. Before my sensor gave up I never gave anyone a chance to ask anything.. Swooooosh! All I saw was people turning their heads and look confused! :D

  • Ok. Ill take back my former post. In just one day i've heard twice that "thats so awesome, did you build it yourself?" And atleast 3 people went "how much?" "About 1800$" "oh, its not that bad.."

    All we need now is a hoddie with a text on the back "Im riding a Onewheel"

  • @BadWolf $1800 plus VAT and customs sends it up in the $2100-2200 price range here in Denmark :grimacing:

  • @madsb That's the same price I paid in the UK. The looks I get though, as these are so rare! People have no idea what it is! I consider myself very lucky as I'm the only owner for miles and miles around!

  • @madsb said:

    @BadWolf $1800 plus VAT and customs sends it up in the $2100-2200 price range here in Denmark :grimacing:

    Im not going to tell em that, I want people to buy it ;)

  • @Code-ster
    I had someone ask me yesterday, cant i just make that? I was like, sure, just slap a go cart wheel between two pieces of metal. Idiot.

  • The best answer to "how much is that?" if you are uncomfortable giving a number is:

    "More than I wanted to pay, but less than it's worth."

    Someone posted as much months ago, and it's very apropos.

  • @forzabucks yep. that is my standard response. works well. it was a post on these forums that tipped me to the response.

  • @callenj357 So they don't say "Haha. But seriously, how much is it?"

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