The mechanics of the nosedive

  • Can anyone explain why the onewheel/plus nosedives from the boards point of view? what limit gets breached that cause it to nosedive? What will it take to build a board that cannot nosedive?

  • Trying to accelerate to hard while cruising or going up hill. finer angle adjustments are needed to avoid it basically any action that would pull to many amps through the controller or exceed the max motor power limits also I have noticed stability issues when going over bumps that jostle the board enough to upset the gyro' s makes it get wierd for a second

  • @JacoNZ A single-wheel device keeps you balanced by moving the wheel in the direction you're leaning in an attempt to stay beneath you (like balancing a broomstick on the palm of your hand). But in order for the spinning of the wheel to propel the board (and you), your weight has to actually be on the wheel (imagine lifting most of the weight of a car off the ground then hitting the gas).

    Simply put: if you lean too far forward, and too much of your your weight falls on the front footpad (i.e.: in thin air) the wheel will spin out, but you continue to move forward causing the board to nosedive on your way to the ground.

  • @thegreck that is a good explanation, thanks.A better stance might then help prevent nosedive, place the front foot as close as possible to the wheel and the back foot further back.

  • @JacoNZ

    I think at the end of the day, it's the stance you're most comfortable with.
    The rule of thumb is to maintain equal balance on both, as if you're on a scale.
    It's all in the body's center of gravity over the wheel.

    Those who're comfortable getting past pushback are very experienced in maintaining balance without the help of the gyro.

    It comes with time.
    That's why it's highly recommended to allow it plenty of time even for those experienced snowboarders/surfers/skateboarders.

    Onewheel is its own sport.

  • Sorry, if I could actually remember the nose dive I would tell ya :). Happy as hell one munute and split second later BAM. I don't even remember saying "oh shit". I was already looking around while laying in ground
    wondering what the heck happened :(.

  • @scheinoha I know what you mean. It catch you by surprise just when you get too comfortable :-) And it hurts.

  • Airplanes have stall warnings, just before the wing stalls, there is a loud beep, it warns you to push the nose down\add more power to prevent a stall.
    FM should add a nosedive warning to the OW app.

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