Headphone Sunglasses

  • No but sometimes i use a mini bluetooth earbud to get google nav from my Phone when I ride:

    Cyborg feeling but it works

  • @sonny123 I would like the idea of these if they were bone conductive, but seems pointless to plug your headphones into sunglasses. Why not just get wireless bluetooth headphones that you can use at night or during the day. Also I don't like the idea of headphones while riding as I feel like I need all of my senses to avoid being hit by someone sending a tweet or something. I just use a wireless bluetooth speaker clipped to my backpack or belt loop. I'd highly recommend doing this as you can still hear other noises, I can hear my music, and it also alerts walkers that I am coming behind them. Best solution IMO.

  • @sonny123 Thanks for sharing.
    I'm not sure about the design but I do like the idea.
    I virtually always ride with sunglasses and my bluetooth Parrot Zik headset--
    I know not the safest thing to do
    but the music is an essential part of the OW experience to me,
    and I try to avoid car traffic when I go cruising.
    The headphone sunglasses would allow me at least to replace
    the big headset by a helmet..
    Then again, my regular iPhone earbuds would also work.
    I guess I'm just attached to the convenience of my bluetooth headset.

  • @SaturnOne Yeah I've always warned people against riding with headphones because of the safety issues involved (not being able to hear cars, or people, or the Onewheel motor) but I recently went against my own advice and threw caution to the wind and now ride with earbuds. And you're right, it's a whole different experience riding the Onewheel with music playing directly into your ears.

    That said, I do try to pull one earbud out when I'm near traffic and only put both in when I'm riding on sidewalks. Because safety.

  • Brookstone sells headphones (about $100) that emit sound through the auditory bones. I tried them cause I wear prescription glasses and the cost of getting headphone sunglasses isn't worth it. In my opinion, they are not at the level of Parrot Ziks or Apple Beats. I prefer great sounding music or no sound at all.

    I have quite a few BT headphones and prefer to hear my surrounding when riding, especially since I ride in Los Angeles ... Plus I'd miss all the comments of surprise as I rode by.

  • +1 on the external BT speaker. As already mentioned, it lets you play music while also maintaining awareness of your surrounding environment.

    depending on your music selection, it might also make you look cooler when you float past!


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