Nollie up Curb Video

  • *** The Float . Life Update ***

    As some of you early birds are aware, the new Float Plates - Jeff McCosker Pro Models in Blue are live on the site!

    Also live at TheFloat.Life is the clip of my NBD nollie up a curb. Big ups to Eric Gagnon who sent me a vid of him stalling then popping up a curb a like a month ago which got the gears turning in my head. You're an inspiration my man!

    One last thing. I took a crack at making a OW stand after seeing what @dougzilla on the official OW forum had created for himself. I liked it so much that with @dougzilla's blessing, I decided to do a small run of 47 "Float Foundations" just in case any of you fine folks wanted to snag one. The goal was to just break even and not lose $$$ on these so I wanted to make sure they were super affordable. Shipping costs me like $13.50, but I'm apparently computer inept so it's only $5 on the site when you go to check-out soooo... yeah. I'm going to fix it later today, but for now, enjoy your cheap shipping you lucky ducks!

    Thanks again for the support and kind words everyone! This group is hands down my favorite thing on the internet and I love seeing everyone's stoke factor so high! I'm convinced FM has straight up rediscovered magic with the OW.

    Float on, my friends :)

  • @jeffmccosker Wow 😳Once again, new heights for me to never hit. That parking curb to sidewalk curb: sick. And hopping up onto the sidewalk: also sick. Nice work!

  • @jeffmccosker Nice! I guess I am ahead of the game since I placed an order for both a few hours ago! I thought the shipping seemed very reasonable which now makes sense. Hopefully the $5 shipping doesn't translate into super snail mail though. Thanks and look forward to getting your products.

  • @jeffmccosker

    Eric is @SeattleCommuter on the forum if you want to tag him. He was also kind enough to track FM's shipping progress for the past few months.

  • @jeffmccosker: coolest move i´ve seen so far - awesome!

  • @skyman88 cool, thanks!

  • Love the stand.
    Very well priced.

  • @jeffmccosker said in Nollie up Curb Video:


    Sick control, dude! 😳🏄🏻

  • so selling your plastic on the forum is still allowed?..just as long as you are sneaky enough??

  • He brings a lot to the sport.
    He should get a pass.

    My V1 awaits the blue plates.
    Heck, even though I'm a chicken and wouldn't attempt those maneuvers,
    they act like a nice armor on your investment.

    We need positivity on this forum.
    it's already dying and the only thing will be left is,
    France Onewheel riders and Sonny123 posting Astoria pix.

    Drop it already and bring some action.

    I rest my case.

  • @timvdp How's that salty hater thing working out for you?

  • @sonny123 Yeah I'm the same way. I'm getting the Float Plates because I want to protect my board and I want to think that maybe I'll get up the nerve to try anything even close to the shit Jeff does.

  • @thegreck

    I think it has to be broken up into steps.
    I ride goofy, so I need to learn to ride regular just enough to spin back into goofy.
    Yet to dare and try anything yet.
    There's a nice spot a block from me and can't even attempt that minor ramp. lol..


  • @sonny123 let's hit that spot!! Looks awesome

    @jeffmccosker thanks for the how-to video!

  • @PowerWheel5000

    This might be just what I need.
    A little encouragement...

  • @sonny123 that spot looks amazing!!!!

  • @sonny123 said in Nollie up Curb Video:

    This might be just what I need.
    A little encouragement...

    My problem is I'm nearly pro at ignoring peer pressure. "Go on, try it!" "Yeah, I don't think so."

  • @thegreck To me, that's one of the things the OW does:
    it helps fending off peer pressure--or any pressure for that matter.

    Apart from that: I absolutely love watching these sick moves/clips from Jeff and other OW-artists
    but for me personally I don't need tricks (or even speed) to experience crazy flabbergasting sensations on the OW.

    Carving (like only the OW can, with the seesaw motion)
    and even just gently moving your center of gravity on the OW can bring pretty darn strong magic.
    It's like floating / hovering / being a wave yourself (rather than just riding one) ....

    Literally brings you in a different world.
    Similar to what this gentleman/artist is describing:

  • @SaturnOne thanks for sharing! Really inspiring documentary...

  • @thegreck

    Right on.
    Better leave these for the proz and stick to my 9 mph speed. lol...

  • Cool idea from FB group.
    Will be doing just that on my 2 boards between blue and black.


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