OW v1 For sale in Alabama

  • I've gotten too fat to ride, but don't feel bad for me as my weight gain could be your OW gain if you're looking for a used but still very good OW. Approx 187 miles. Minor dings from riding.
    3 port plugs
    Tire pressure gauge
    Tire stem extender to make it easier to air up the tire.
    Asking $950 on Ebay. Link below for pictures...

    Hekkubus OW

  • @hekkubus said in OW v1 For sale in Alabama:

    I've gotten too fat to ride, but don't feel bad for me

    Too late :(

  • @thegreck Motivation to lose weight and buy a V2 :)

  • @hekkubus

    Man I'd love to shed 25 lbs. but the damn muffin in the morning at a nearby Dunkin Donuts is a hard habit to break.
    Then another Chinese take out with a $6 lunch special enough for 2.
    Then a damn burger at a place called Chubby Burgers, and you get the drill... lol..

    My friend had a gastric sleeve and he's a stud now.

    At 50, don't care so long as I can carry on...

  • @sonny123 Mine has been beer/liquor and not caring about what I eat. I'd just rather someone have fun on it while I work on getting back down to where I should be.

  • Sold! Glad that didn't take a long time

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