What's it like going back?

  • To those lucky few who have had the good fortune to own or ride the OW OG and OW+, what's it like going back and riding the OG after acclimating to the +?

  • It's cool. I actually really like the V1. The Plus is better for commuting for sure, but I actually like the V1 better for tricks.

  • They're both different beasts. Think different types of horses. While the plus is sweet for smooth riding, the engine response on the v1 allows you to push it harder because you know what's coming.

  • It's like going back from Cadillac to Hyundai.

  • @sonny123 said in What's it like going back?:

    It's like going back from Cadillac to Hyundai.

    I'd say v1 is more like a Subaru Impreza (wrx sti)

  • @PowerWheel5000 - Funny, I was thinking about what car the V1 would be compared to a + as a caddy and WRX was it lol. You beat me to it.

  • Going back to riding my V1 since sending my plus in for repair has led to so many nose dives lately from pushing the motor to it's limits.. it's like once you get a taste of that faster speed and smoother acceleration on the plus your gonna push the V1 just as hard without realizing.. thankfully I have been able to ride all of em out .. takes some adjustments for sure.

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