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    Can anyone tell me if the fender comes with screws. By looking at it, I think the screws would need to be longer than the regular ones. I'm pretty sure if it does come with screws, my two year old put them in a safe place for me. Please let me know. Also, if it does come with screws, can someone let me know what size and length I need. Thanks all.

  • @nickboyd78 they come with bolts. I have the size somewhere, but I can't locate it ATM.

  • They do come with longer screws.
    They're attached to the paper label inside.

  • @drew I'd like to know the size if you found it... one of mine stripped or shimmied out on the v1, thought about trying to replace it. Thanks.

  • @bizrock size is 3/4" 10-32 machine screws.
    Unfortunately if it fell out, it probably stripped from the rail. Only way to fix that is to tap a larger screw hole and replace with a larger diameter screw. Or you could just get some Velcro/magnets.
    The reason they strip is the same reason why the foot pad screws strip. They are not re-enforced like most of the screws on the underside of the rails. They are just threaded aluminum which is super soft and prone to stripping.

  • @jeffmccosker I still need to order spares. What is the site you use again?

  • @drew I found them on Amazon, but they are like a 100 pack. you should be able to get them at your local hardware store.

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