• Yesterday I switched from my normal free run shoes, with thin, flat soles similar to Vans skate shoes to thick soft soled running shoes and had the smoothest and most comfortable ride ever.
    I think it is because the heel is raised about an inch above the toe relieving strain on the calve muscles.

  • @JacoNZ Yes I completely agree, I always ride with running shoes, it's way more plush than saddles or my Tom's

  • I switch between my Vans MTE SK8-Hi's and Slip-On Lites. I'm a big fan of the waffle pattern's grippiness.

  • I definitely agree that having some sort of heal on your shoes helps a ton with the OneWheel. At first I was wearing normal completely flat skateboard shoes, and then I tried some skateboard shoes that have a heal and noticed a huge difference. So now I always ride with normal running shoes or my skateboard shoes that have an elevated heal. Regular skateboard shoes just don't seem to have as much control / contact while riding the Onewheel which is the opposite that I would expect.

  • Addidas blades


    Picked up some new Vans UltraRange. Should be here in three days

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