One Wheel+ not balancing out when I first step on it

  • Could it also just be that you are putting too much weight on too quickly? It has happened to me and I always just felt I didn't stay near to balanced for any time at all.

  • what @iiikz said.

  • This has happened to me at least 3 times with the OW +. Not sure why, I always follow the same proceedures but sometimes the front end just tips to the ground throwing me forward. I have always been able to hop off, but boy do I look stupid. I wish I knew why it did this, it seems random to me.

  • Reasons the board does this.

    1. You turn on the board before it is sitting on the ground (e.g., being carried, on end, etc). make sure the board is in the "starting" position when you power on,

    2. You've left the board sitting too long while its on.

    3. The board is off and you forgot you turned it off. LOL

    4. Russians tampering.

    Always "kick test" to ensure it's engaged before you step on. Kick the board if it rolls freely its on if it doesn't it's off. This does fail one in a hundred times but its pretty rock solid as a safety.

  • @MichaelW Yeah I've never had this method fail me. But I have forgotten to do it and ended up looking foolish when I fell off the board trying to mount it a few times. Builds character.

  • Thanks to everyone who has put suggestions in. Unfortunately I don't think it's any of the reasons we've come up with since this happened to me this morning midway through the ride a couple times. Once was at a curb after I was waiting for the light to turn green. Again it was after stopping at a door, getting off the board, going through the door, pulling the board through, and then trying to get back on again.

    I've tried the 'kick start' and the board seems on every time. I've also been careful not to start it while in the air and to avoid contact with the pressure sensors. I'm not leaning forward too quickly, in fact I'm so afraid of getting tossed I'm creeping up on the balance point as slowly as I can.

    Is my board possibly defective?

  • @Antares14943 It could possibly either be a faulty sensor in the footpad, or even a bad connection. You could check to make sure all the cable connections are tight just to be sure.

  • @thegreck - yes I did detach and reattach the sensor connections. They are as well connected as I can make them. When I first turn on the board and I tap the left and right sensors and they both turn the LEDs on with very little pressure applied.

    Here is a video of me using my hands to start the board. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. I tried adjusting pressure and position until it started. Then using the same amount of pressure and keeping the same position, I repeated the movement. It worked a few times, failed a few times, and then worked a few times. Could someone please try this experiment on their OW+ to see if they have the same results? I would expect this movement to work 100% of the time given a few pounds of pressure.

  • I took delivery on my OW in early June. I had wonky stuff happening like you describe but accepted it. After about a week, the app would say my OW "thinks" that I was standing on the board at the time of power on and would go into error 15. The only way I could get it to go away was to heat/blow dry the grip tape on the footpad. This would allow me to ride, but I had to do it almost every time I powered off to recharge. Happily, I called OW support and they provided round trip Fedex overnight shipping and repaired it. No issues ever since. :)

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