+ Too Dangerous To Ride

  • I have 1800 V1 miles, so I expected to hop on + pretty easily. Unfortunately, this isn't the case
    When i started going off drops brick height, sometimes + would act quite bizzare. Not enough air to put my finger on it- so i went to a larger drop
    Once the board lost contact with the ground, it immediately accelerated (full throttle) while i remained completely flat, good form... I had a struggle landing.
    I tried it on a bigger, home-made ramp which i've used hundreds of times with my V1, and recorded it. The board shot out from under me, and drove itself right into a wall.
    The issue is that i had the tail in the ground, and it was trying to go forward. No braking or trying to reverse- so clearly it didn't just get stuck on.
    Upon doing this jump- i fell BACKWARDS... Most falls are suppose to fall forwards because you have forward momentum.
    i reached out to onewheel with my videos, but they just blamed it on the footpads and my riding style. I'm positive it wasn't the footpad, and i am at a loss what i should do now. I have no confidence in the +, and i can't do any drops or anything. Now what?

  • I'm new to onewheeling and the forums. I've lurked around for a year or so but only recently made comments after finally riding and getting my own onewheel.

    I put about 70 miles on a friend's V1 before I finally got my V2. Granted I've only gone 15 miles or so on my + I've only had good experiences. I took it up a hill that the V1 would have crawled up, so I was happy to confirm improved climbing ability. I'm just getting comfortable with deeper carves since the + requires a little different lean to turn and carve... Maybe due to the elevated and angled foot pads? Anyway, my last ride I used the last 15% of battery to see how well I could maintain some speed while carving riding regular and switch. Last I did this exercise on the V1 I nosedived out of the blue. On the + I had no nose dive.

    Maybe I'm lucky so far, but I'm alarmed and worried about a seeming increase of negative thoughts and experiences with the plus. I wrestled really hard with whether to buy the V1 or the V2. I shelled out the extra coin for the + to eliminate curiosities and regret, thinking I would always be wondering what I was missing out on had I upgraded. I live in the middle of nowhere, so testing even the V1 was a rare opportunity.

    I'm no trick Master. I Just plan to carve and ride off road often, so maybe for my purposes the + will serve me well. I need more time on it to tell for sure. Hoping I don't start wishing I had got the original one wheel.
    Wishing all those with + difficulties the best

  • @shaka-wheeler yeah that's normal for the plus. Once you get used to it, it isn't that bad, but it's kinda a bummer. You can still for sure land drops on it, you just ha e to be aware of the tire acceleration.

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