Not Stoked--Sit on It Future-Motion

  • I've had a blast floating around just like the rest of you. After my first ride of the season the board would not turn on with an apparent battery issue.

    I should mention that this board was never abused or kept in the heat, the battery was never run down all the way, and the lifetime odometer was at under 50 miles.

    The manufacturer suggested I send it in for repair and after several weeks I'm told that the battery is dead and my warranty has been voided because of modifications made to the board. The only modification was a studded tire, documented here on this forum.

    When I suggest that they can't void my warranty for changing the tire, I'm told that this tire has caused damage to an internal connector.

    When I suggest that this makes no sense, I'm told that the warranty period is over.

    When I submit a sales receipt showing the purchase date is within the warranty period, I am told that the retailer I purchased from is not officially recognized.

    So they quote me around $200 plus labor and shipping.

    When I say that I don't want to pay for installation of a battery that I can install myself, I am told that they will not sell me a battery.

    So I pay for the repairs but when I get my board back, nothing has changed. The board still doesn't work and the same battery is in place.

    When I report to customer service that the board still doesn't function, I'm told to take a video of it not functioning.

    I had a defective footpad out the box and a charger that stopped working after 10 charge cycles. Future-Motion would have me pay for these defects every time. I have experienced what I recognize as dishonesty by this company in their communications and practices several times.

    I love my onewheel and am glad that the hardware is generally robust, because dealing with the unhelpful robotically polite customer service is like a slap in the face every time.

    I have seen posts on this forum that read like: I drove my onewheel into the ocean and a shark tore it into bits and I sent the bits to Future-Motion and they sent me a new board even though my warranty was expired.

    I don't buy it and expect there are many company employees and other shills on this forum. I will never buy another Future-Motion product or service. I will make my own battery and my own footpad.

    Sorry for the negative and boring post, but I thought you should know. Please back me up with other more negative accounts of Future-Motion customer support.

  • @mrb they should meet you half way. Hopefully your detailed post will draw the appropriate persons attention.

  • @mrb

    I wish this story wasn't true...but I could see it going down like that with a company focused on expanding its reach instead of supporting its base. I believe you and I hope they offer you a better solution.

    My experience with FM customer service was about a 4/10. My tire wore through at 525 miles in under the year-long warranty period. I contacted customer service and was told that I was responsible for the total cost of the service. I thought the tire was a lemon. FM thought maybe that I rode with it underinflated. I didn't but I see their point. I just mostly ride concrete and I carve hard. After some emails back and forth, they offered me a $50 off credit for the tire replacement. At that point, I didn't want to void my warranty by taking apart my board so I sent it in. I was under the impression that the cost of shipping the board was included in the service. It wasn't. Shipping was expensive as $#%@! Keep your boxes people! The repair took just under 3 weeks. Communication from the company during that period was less than stellar. Seems like they forgot about me for a while. I still feel kinda screwed from the whole deal...but at least I made $50. I feel like such a whore!

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