Over regeneration error - battery still at 100% after 11% usage

  • Problem:
    Onewheel v1 gives me the Regeneration Alarm even after I've used 11% battery.

    I've drained the battery to 0% and done an overnight charge, but this didn't help.
    I've reinstalled the app, but this didn't help.
    I commute the same route for work and haven't had this problem in the past.
    When the app gives me the over regeneration alarm, my board actually will not shut off.

    What's going on? Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a software bug and I should ignore the alarm and ride my board as usual? Or, is this a battery fault that would be covered under warranty?



  • I expirence the same problem. Almost like the calibration is off on the battery metering system. when riding with a group my board will report 100% a quarter into the ride while everyone else’s board is at 75%. My regeneration alarm goes off while riding on flat land for the 1st 5% when no one else’s does.
    Planning on sending it in over the winter to have it looked at.

  • @blankets Same here too! I'm in talks with Future Motion about if I have to send my Plus back or not. My experence is you can ride it no problem you just have to deal with not knowing what is going on. Also, my board used to die at 22% or so now after I charged it for two days it dies at 7%. Theh hardest thing is that is dies too soon. That means I have to carry the board which has been happing more than I would like. I'll let you know what they say in regards to sending it back.

  • @blankets their battery reading system may be wanky. I don't have the same issue you're experiencing but when my boards (original and +) reach 1% I can still go at least a 1/2-mile- which is nice, but I don't really get why it's like that.

  • I'm in the same boat. I've noticed that the usage/regen % is usually about what right for what I would expect, it just requires doing some math in my head to figure out where I'm at. It's really hot these days (90+ degrees) and I wonder if that's why all of us are just now experiencing this? Maybe the battery sensor is heat sensitive? I haven't looked closely to see if the individual cells are accurate, though they all seem to be balanced. Hopefully someone will figure out a "fix" to this so we won't have to be without boards for awhile.

  • Has this been addressed by @Future-Motion ?

  • This is the biggest persistent problem I've had since passing 50 miles on the odo, battery regeneration alarm is useless, it just goes off continuously from minute 5 to minute 15 of my ride, every day. Percent still showed 100 even after I rode a whole mile today. Then suddenly it drops faster, and finally starts to read "true" AFAICT after about 30% is consumed. I know it's hard to measure lifepo3 battery consumption accurately on the 0-100% scale (especially at the low and high ends) so I wonder why the alarm at 99 is even a feature.

  • @readysetawesome today it got worse and the board started doing extreme pushback at15% then died for a nosedive very soon after. Ready for repair or replacement, what do I do besides send diagnostics?

  • @readysetawesome I think your options are somewhat limited . . . .

  • @groovyruvy yes there's simply no response on my 4 day old support ticket about it shrug and I can manage pretty well by monitoring cell voltage using the app.

  • @readysetawesome it really bugs me that sometimes they're hit-and-miss on their customer service. If you haven't already I'd suggest maybe following up with those guys on Monday, keep us posted.

  • I believe I managed to recalibrate the battery gauge by running the board down far enough to trigger pushback and then shutdown, waiting 5 minutes and doing it again - repeatedly - until it won't do anything when you step on.

  • Nope I spoke too soon.. reaching 0% had no affect on being stuck at 100% after the next recharge

  • I've improve my battery accuracy doin' that:
    Charge the board with the cell phone app on .
    Wait for the let's ride notification (don't wait for the green button on the charger).
    Go for a big ride till the board need juice....charge till the app say let's ride...
    That's how I do for the moment...
    I'll see later for a complete charge to balance the cells ....

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