Original OneWheel & Android O incompatibility

  • So what's a best-guess for how long how long it will take google to issue an OTA patch?

  • I'm expecting a bug fix from FM, actually. Since all other BT devices work with Android O.

  • Have you all issued support tickets?
    The louder we are about this the better, is my guess

  • @wmaciel I did and they closed it:

    "Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for your note. We checked in with our app engineers and were able to confirm this is something on Google's side that they are looking into fixing. In the mean time, I would recommend using another device if possible.

    My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

    All the best,
    OW Team "

  • That's unfortunate. It really is a bug in the OneWheel's BT, but it just happens that most systems are relaxed about the handshake. The workaround in Android will eventually be released, but that's going to take a while, and it's just that - a workaround. FM should fix the bug.

  • I definitely have this issue. I am actually not riding right now cause I don't know when I have to turn back.

  • My phone keeps trying to upgrade to 8.0 .... Hopefully it doesn't just auto-install after a point.

  • Dang just started another thread on this. My new Pixel XL is having the same issue. Is the app code in github, maybe someone on here coul;d contribute a fix. LOL

  • So yesterday I went on my board, and when trying to connect, it gave me a warning about Android Oreo having difficultly connecting, but gave me the option to try and connect anyway. Low and behold...it connected! I'm running a Google Nexus 5X. I am coming from the same issue everyone else had. Dunno if someone did a fix, but it seems to work for me now.

  • I did an update on my Android this morning and I'm able to connect to my +s no problem.

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