How young is too young?

  • Not seeing YouTube videos of kids riding.

    I know there is a recommended age but usually lawyers come up with that.

    Anyone let their elementary age kids ride? What ages / weights?

  • My daughter is 6 and she rides around in our yard. I think she weighs around 45-50 pounds, and sometimes the sensors would not "detect" her, so I put some extra weight in her pockets :) I think it comes down to coordination and weight on an individual basis.

  • @kohesion FM recommends 13 as the minimum age. I've got 2 teen/tween girls and they've ridden- when I say ridden, they rolled up and down the sidewalk with me hovering extremely close by, ready to grab them if the board took off. Some youngsters may have the strength / poise / etc to control a OW but knowing full well how powerful it is, I don't feel comfortable with kids riding it.

  • I've been told by other riders that my daughter is too young, simply because she's not old enough to walk yet. Haters!!

  • @kohesion I have been doing workshops with kids 8-11.
    They are doing great!
    Younger kids (like 5-6 year olds) like the OW as well but,
    yes, they tend to be too light for the sensors ...

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