Delirium pulsing or slipping?

  • Hey delirium riders,

    Is anyone beside me experiencing a slipping or pulsing while in delirium? It's subtle but it's there.

  • @byronbergman a LOT of riders are experiencing this. Not sure how much of it is being discussed in this forum but it's everywhere online and in the OW Facebook groups. Since the update I've noticed pulsing while going up grades in Mission- doesn't even need to be really steep for it to kick in. I don't care for it.

  • I can't say I noticed it. I'll try to pay more attention to it but I was on Delirium for 2 hours last night going on level and incline streets.

  • Yes I notice it in all modes now it seems, and its very unsettling when it happens as you feel like the board is going to squirt out from under you.

    This is what FM said to me about it when I asked them...not sure I buy it.

    "As for the surge, you are not experiencing a bug - we’ve optimized the Onewheel+ performance curve to keep up with you in high power situations. That boost you are feeling is allowing you to get up that hill or keep you balanced as you accelerate or ask the board to do more. We have done countless hours of testing and without a doubt, it creates a better overall riding experience."

  • I've been getting it hill or not if I accelerate fast it's like a jerking motion almost it's kind of like the onewheel is shifting gears just think of it like that, I think it's to help you get up hills or accelerate faster.

  • I think they're being honest.

    It makes good sense, and was the conclusion I came to.

    If the board senses risk of nose diving, it just gooses the motor, and they've backed off the threshold a lot to ensure the response time is quick enough to keep you from nose grinding.

  • With that being said - I too found it worrisome at first - but once I logic'd out the reasoning behind it I now actually feel MORE confident - it'll just take a little more time to get used to it. Heck, now when it does it I silently thank the board for maybe, just maybe, saving me from a spill.

  • @ow-miami I'm going to try and see these new 'features' in the same light you're viewing them in.

  • Future motion is full of it.. I'd bet a million dollars they can't figure it out .. why I say that is because it happens randomly.. it's not something that is predictable.. it makes me feel like I'm going to fall.. it needs to be fixed asap.. this is a major problem in my eyes..

  • It's a horrible, horrible feeling for a good many of us. Lots of discussion on the OWOG on Facebook. Andromeda has pretty much destroyed my ability to "pleasure cruise" on anything but the gentlest terrain. On even mild inclines, I get a series of aggressive "jerks" that FM tells me are intended to "help" me. I don't need that help! I was cruising up these hills beautifully before. To be honest - I don't notice off-road because usually the terrain is already bumpy and uneven and I thinks the surges get lost in that. This "feature" absolutely is not keeping me safe. It is making me uncertain and nervous in anticipation of the "help". And when it happens - usually when I'm not expecting it - it makes me feel very close to losing my balance and falling.

  • @njcustom I don't have a plus yet, but I love randomly feeling like I'm about to fall on my face, so this sounds amazing to me!

  • I suspect lighter riders will feel this more than heavy riders, I'm 220 pounds and only feel it very mildly and only when going uphill. Delirium is the fat man's mode, I love it.

  • At first I found this pulsing / slight power burst unsettling / weird, but I absolutely love how the board rides now that I have embraced this extra power. I agree 100% with what FM response was. I agree that it "creates a better overall riding experience." I am able to aggressively charge bumps, uneven terrain, drops, etc and basically everything I can throw at the board with confidence and speed. This is 100% due to this extra power etc in the new shaping. Before I felt like, I had to compensate for certain terrains or drops but now I can just ride without having to prepare / compensate for certain terrain. At times I still find myself compensating as I previously had to before the update. Now I basically trying to unlearn these habits and just ride naturally which this new update allows you to do. My advice to those who feel uneasy with the extra power etc is try to embrace it.

    The only thing I am uneasy about still / trying to gauge is how much this power surge will help and at one point with I exceed the limits of the power surge. Basically when will this surge not be enough to keep from doing a face plant nosedive.

    Love the new update FM! Keep it up! Now if we could just get a little bit higher top speed without pushback then it would be perfect.

  • Haven't felt it yet - either of us - really like the up date

  • I think they are fixing the nosedive problem, because nosedives that I know about are usually on inclines and all of maybe were on inclines then I had to run for the board that slowly went rolling down the hill... but I don't really thing it affects my riding you just have to see it as like the OW shifting into lower gears to get more traction and power like you would in a car but it's doing it when you aren't expecting it... the board is doing this to reduce the number of nosediving situations because it's been happening a lot.

  • @jaconz said in Delirium pulsing or slipping?:

    I suspect lighter riders will feel this more than heavy riders, I'm 220 pounds and only feel it very mildly and only when going uphill. Delirium is the fat man's mode, I love it.

    Based on the FB group discussion I think it's the complete opposite. Lighter riders have not been experiencing this at all because the board doesn't need to work as hard to get them up inclines. Heavier riders tax the motor a little and it does it's "down shifting" to move them along.

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