• @nhindi2007 never :(

  • I just bought an Ipod touch 5th gen, got sick of waiting

  • @DVO I refuse!!!

    But have to say, I always keep it in extreme mode, and can read the blinks on the button, so I don't miss it that much.

    On the other hand, as someone also said here, a product in the price range, and with the advertising of Android...

  • @Polle I refused to buy an iPhone too..but after a few long rides I needed it.. 80$ on eBay for a refurb 4s.. It's a tiny phone too which is good.. I honestly don't think the android app will come out..

  • @njcustom

    I gave up long ago and bought a 4s, it's laughable when I pull it out compared to my nexus 6 which is 3x the size.. Lol. The only good thing about it is the battery life, turn everything off and it lasts for days..

  • @parrothd I don't even turn my 4s off and it last days lol.. It was worth the 80$

  • It's ridiculous that they are putting the Android Play Store App logo on the packaging when the app doesn't exist. If I were part of this company I would be embarrassed that our customers were having to shell out extra cash to buy an extra cell phone they don't need just to be able to use the product we sold them just because we hadn't gotten around to hiring a developer for a few hours to do something that we were already claiming that we had done. I'm loving my Onewheel, but frustrated at not being able to change the mode when I need to.

  • if it makes you feel any better, boosted board and the Yuneec E-GO also promised an android app and still don't have one... they've cited issues regarding bluetooth communication protocol between various android builds...

  • I'll wait patiently and hope they get around to it soon. Just had to vent once.

  • i just got this email response from ow.

    Thanks for reaching out. We are currently planning to release the Android app at the end of the month. As soon as we do we'll make announcements to all of our riders!

    OW Team

  • @Polle I keep it in extreme too. Main reason to get it was because I wanted to see power drain

  • @nhindi2007 I also heard they are releasing some new digital shaping in the app..

  • It's the end of the month... Where's the Android app?

  • December 2016...

  • I dunno about that Android app, but I WOULD like to get my hands on that rumored firmware . . . err digital shaping . . . update. I'm hoping it will unlock MOAR POWA.

    The Tesla Model S has Ludicrous mode. The OW needs Ludicrous mode.

  • There's a beta, but that's been there for months..

  • @parrothd there is where?

  • @njcustom I haven't done anything with it as far as how to install it. I was originally trying to downgrade to my previous version. The newer firmwares have been mellowed..🙁

  • @parrothd I thought the same thing. Sent my board in to be fixed and it came back with 3056 which feels slower than all previous versions. I thought it was that I just hadnt rode the board for a week and wasnt use to it but maybe not.

  • @parrothd What beta? Is there a link?

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