Onewheel New Zealand

  • I will be moving to New Zealand in late October and was wondering where the very few riders in New Zealand are located. If you're in New Zealand, speak up so we can ride! I will be starting out in Wellinton,NZ. I've heard that there are a couple of riders in that town.

  • There should be a few more in September, a local online shop started selling them and the first deliveries will be September.

  • There are not many as us early adopters imported them in individually. I am in Rotorua and have yet to see anyone else with one.

  • I have a working holiday visa for a year, so I will be traveling around the country. Rotorua is definitely one of the places I want to visit. Lets go out and ride when I get into town, @Simon !

  • Hi Guys,
    I'm newbe onewheeler. Ride on Long Bay, but happy to ride anywhere in Auckland area.

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