OneWheel Car Charger

  • T-minus 2 hours left!

  • I ordered one. Thank you for making this happen! I will use it while driving to different spots.

  • Can't wait to hear if these things work, or if 50+ people bought a useless cord!

  • OK, now what happens?

  • Hey dudes, I know I'm late but I'd love to buy one of these or would like to field the interest if people want to buy these? I'm happy to set up another campaign if there is still demand, also can we get some feed back from someone who purchased?

    Would love to make this an eventuality!

  • @alvamckay They haven't even shipped yet. I would suggest waiting for round 2 until after we know they work.

  • Here's the email I just received from GroupGets about this.


    This message is to notify you that we experienced some unexpected resistance when trying to purchase the car charger from the manufacturer and it has caused a delay. We have a solution that is in motion now with an acknowledged order but we have not yet been invoiced. We will notify you when we have officially paid for the units and have a tracking number to the US.

    Thank you for your patience,


  • @craiger123 yep I got that same email. We shall see . . . . meantime recommending everyone hold off on giving any $ toward this until there's a resolution.

  • Unfortunately this fell through and we're not going to be receiving our car chargers :( On Wed 10/11/17 I rec'd this email from GroupGets (and rec'd a $31.13 refund from them as well): We regret to inform you that we were not able to get the OneWheel Car Chargers from the manufacturer. We have tried everything possible to get these, but we have been blocked multiple times from obtaining the chargers. All orders have been refunded in full (it may take 1-10 business days to see the refund).

  • Yeah, we worked with the manufacturer for a full month while they jerked us around and raised prices unexpectedly. Until 2 days ago, everyone was actually paying below cost for them then suddenly the mfr backed out and refused to sell them citing an exclusivity contract for the US market. We looked at a couple of options: 1) ordering them without connectors and putting them on after the fact (too labor intensive) 2) ordering them to a non-US location and reshipping them (too costly).

    It would have been wonderful to know about this contract all the way back when the campaign was being setup. Sorry folks, I really tried to get this to go through. When they show up in the onewheel store for $150 each, know that they would have only cost us ~$35.

  • @akraut seriously appreciate the effort. Thanks.

  • Kudos, definitely go to the GroupGets folks since they were dealing directly with the manufacturer. They bore the brunt of the frustration, for sure.

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