Show rides on website

  • Is there a way we can see our rides on our profile/on the website? We can view on our phone app, so I would think it's easy to transfer the data (like running app for joggers).

  • I've wondered the same thing.

    How can we get a map of our rides out of the app other than screen-shotting the phone?

  • I have a damn difficult time just getting my rides to do what I would like to expect them to do. I've almost given up on trying to record rides I've had such bad luck.

    I deleted most of my rides as they were all, generally, failed attempts. I get all sorts of errors and bad gateway messages and other nonsense.

    I think it's great from the big picture what this team is doing, but the folks in charge of the iPhone apps and even this forum software could definitely switch gears to something that is a bit more functional.

    The looks are great. No problems with the design or appearance.

    Just the engineering, or in the case of this forum, selection of forum software.

    I always seem perplexed when people don't opt to use phpBB with as easy and fully functioning as it is.

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