Rear foot lower leg muscles get tired

  • My rear leg gets tired and starts shaking after 2 miles. I have to stop and rest it for a minute before continuing. Is this normal for a noob or am I just tensing up too much?

  • If you are using shoes with flat soles, try shoes with higher heels or running shoes like Nike Air. This fixed the problem for me.

  • @kohesion
    It's completely normal for a new rider.

    Even as an experienced rider, when I first tried an electric Skateboard I experienced some shaking in my rear leg on long rides.

    With time your body accommodate and your muscles gets stronger.
    Also getting a better stance helps relax your muscles, you are probably tensing too much at the beginning, getting more confident will help too. Ride cool :)

    Soon you'll totally forget about the hard time you got learning and It'll feel natural.

  • @jaconz @kohesion I have ridden electric skateboards or the Onewheel everyday now for over a year and half, and I will still notice fatigue in my back leg if I ride the OW with flats. Ridding the OW with shoes that have a slightly elevated heel fixed this issue for me.

  • I'm a new rider and when I started out my back calf would always tighten up until I discovered the beauty of carving. It really helps me to relax and just flow with the board.

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