Clicking once per revolution on heel side turns

  • @readysetawesome Yeah mine clicked (randomly it seemed like) for the first 100 miles or so. It didn't always click when I rode though. It seemed to change from ride to ride then one day it just went away.

  • @goodblake-eskate mines gone again so I do feel better now. Maybe just part of breaking in the beast

  • A pattern has emerged: clicking only occurs when I ride harder and the motor temp gets around 110F. If I do less accel/decel and avoid the abundant hills in my neighborhood, the click won't develop even after a longer ride. As soon as I get back to aggressive riding and hills, the click returns, and gets worse until I give the board some cool down time.

  • @readysetawesome I have the same problem but I don't even have to ride that hard to reproduce it and the motor temperature is 30 C

  • this is strange - i just got one too last night - but i can make the board click by manually turning the wheel even when it's off. that might be bad.

  • @ceceree they seem to have a defect or a design flaw, this is happening to a lot of us. As time has gone by and I rode more it became easier for me to reproduce the click with the board off.

  • @readysetawesome I haven't been able to reproduce the problem with the board off, perhaps this is the early stage and it will get worse. I am going to try tightening the bolts as some people have suggested and see if that helps.

  • I tried tightening the wheel, but the clicking is loud and clear -

  • After having the click now for over 100 miles my opinion: It comes and goes, can be extremely annoying but does not affect rideability so I’ll just live with it until support gets back to me.

  • Support gave me a shipping label but said I could continue to ride if I want. Now the sound is gone again but I think it may be the weather, was worse in summer

  • I am at about 40 miles. No agressive riding at all. Top speed only 12.5 mph and no crazy wipeouts or anything that would explain the noise.

    It randomly started and seems to fit the exact sound as the you tube video above. Also clicked when leaning to the right and can go away when leaning to the left. It went away and then it came back. I wasn't looking at temperatures, but it is absolutely the exact same problem sounds identical to yours.

    I just put headphones on and cranked up the music, problem solved. If it starts affecting the riding, I will contact the company.

  • Well, it started affecting riding, so I sent a message to support: said:

    My problems started at around 20 miles. The problem was a creaking noise. It happened spontaneously and with no reasonable associated cause other than it seemed more likely when weighting/turning on one side of the board.

    The sounds were definitely coming from inside the hub.

    I read about similar issues and had the exact same symptoms as others on the forum.

    I decided to wait as it seemed to be common enough and some were reporting the sound to go away and that it did not seem to affect the performance.

    But now I am noting another effect besides sounds at a frequency of the wheel RPM.

    The power delivery is no longer smooth. It's as if for 1/8th of the time or so that it's operating under half power.

    I feel this while accelerating, while going a constant speed (it can also be heard and felt both at constant speed), and is particularly noticeable when climbing.

    The effect makes it harder to balance and it feels unsafe enough that I no longer feel safe riding the board.

    So I thought that I would e-mail and see what you guys proposed that I do.

    I have been riding about 10 to 20 miles per day for the last few days, and I am enjoying the ride very much, but I hopeful that I can get a board that does not have the issues that this board has.

    I have not made any modifications to the board at all, besides removing the cardboard after taking it out of the box and changing the riding mode to Cruz and later to Mission.

    I have not tried any other riding modes.
    There seem to be no other issues that I am aware of.

    If anyone is interested in the outcome, I'll let you know. I am not as confident riding faster as it seems to be omnipresent the problem. At the height, I did look at temps and it said the motor and battery were both under 100 degrees. 98' for one and 89' for the other, but I forgot which was which.

    I guess that my thinking is that if it continues to behave this way, I'm just not satisfied with it. I am very hopeful that they aren't ALL this way and this is just NORMAL. That's my worst fear, honestly.

    I want more confidence that there is going to be a consistent power delivery that I can expect to be smooth. If they are intentionally cutting power for a brief moment to "scare" me to slow down, it's working, but I don't think that's what they are doing. I think something is wrong.

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