Distance Sensors on bottom

  • @lirou Ya, there is only one anti-nosedive tool: the motor, and it needs surplus power in order to work.

  • @desperado The angle of the board in elevated mode is kind of like the recline position of an airplane seat, it's barely different than level. And that position stays the same regardless of the angle of the terrain. If the board were to stay parallel to the ground itself when going uphill, it would be tough as hell to stay over the wheel, and very awkward.

  • @thegreck People ride skateboards on steep hills, and seem to keep their weight centered OK. It might just be a personal preference which is the point. OW can't really handle super steep slopes anyway, so we'd just be talking about something similar to Elevated shaping but automatic. Also, not sure what Elevated does if you're going downhill. Does it reverse?

  • You wouldn't need any additional sensors actually. Based purely on the motor load, speed, and acceleration, you can tell if you are on a slope, e.g. if OW is using regeneration to maintain a constant speed, you're obviously going downhill. Maybe you then enter your weight into the app, so the algorithm can guess the slope more accurately.

  • @desperado Skaters keep their weight forward when going downhill (see photo). Keeping it directly above the wheel when going downhill or uphill would be a very different stance if the board followed the slope of the terrain. Going downhill you'd basically be standing upright while the board was tilted down, instead of leaning forward which would feel more natural.


  • @thegreck I didn't realize that about skaters and the weight center.
    I thought you were referring just to the angle of the board being awkward, because your ankles will be twisted sideways and one leg would have to be bent more than the other, and I don't think it would be a big deal. Personally, I think I would feel more in danger of slipping off if the board wasn't level, but if someone wanted the feature, I'm sure they could learn to use it. I do find it annoying going uphill that the nose is quite close to the ground so I have less ground clearance. And when going downhill, the tail scrapes the ground if you brake very hard at all. I'd be curious to try it if they make it an option.

  • @desperado I agree 100%. Unfortunately the physics of self-balancing are against us on this one. Maybe the engineers can figure out a way to make it work somehow, though.

  • This was conceived because I live in a hilly region in VA. I have to go slow up hills not due to power, but because my nose digs in. A little carve and the nose is touching the pavement. Sensors to help average the distance could help calculate incline, just as indicated above. When you ride a snowboard or a skateboard, you aren't riding level despite the terrain - you are riding parallel to whatever terrain you are on. That's the goal here.

    You don't have to be level to self balance. You just have to establish what angle the board is balancing to - 180 degrees, 160 degrees, etc.

  • @xr4ti Try the elevated mode. Probably will give a better ride, at least uphill - might be suicidal downhill - I don't know because we don't have hills here.

  • @ow-miami Hey man! Thanks for the suggestion. You are right though - while it is great going up, I drag tail all the way down.

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