Horrible experience

  • First like many others I am a multiboard owner. I have paid full price for both boards, plus parts and a mafia slingpack bag. My onewheel+ has been nothing but problems. I am currently traveling the country in an RV so I am never in same place very long. Anyways after working with support since early September because my board is inoperable, they had me send it in, sent me a label, etc. Shipped on 9/16. Long story short FedEx lost my board last tracking info is from 9/22, today fm says I have to wait 14 days after being told they had until yesterday to find it. Now after spending nearly 4000 dollars in the last 1.5 years, I still have no usable board.

    I find this highly unprofessional. They lost the board under their shipping account, they should replace the board, it is under warranty and they shouldn't keep me waiting. What is going on with this company #suckatscaling no idea what else to do because support seems unhelpful, guess I will reach out to Kyle.

  • Wow, that does sound awful. They've generally been good for me, but that does sound pretty darn egregious.

  • @louman73 I'm confused - did FM lose the board or did FedEx? You say you have 2 boards - what happened to the other one (you spent $4000 and have no usable board)?

  • @nicktulloh they gave him a label through their fedex account and it was lost in transit to FM.

  • At 40 miles in, my board is making those clicking creaking noises internally in the hub. Same problems as others.

    The battery indicator doesn't work.

    I get inappropriate warnings about the board about to shut down from regeneration issues.

    The ride thing gives me errors, and seems to not work in general. Huge gaps in the data. No idea what is going on there.

    Leaderboards could be better, but they seem to work for the most part.

    I have reached out to Kyle in personal e-mails early on, and no response. That's not unexpected, really. But disappointing.

    I had been planning on getting another ONEWHEEL and putting the Hoosier Tire on there. But I read about another customer who was told the warranty was invalid due to a tire being installed, so I have decided to not do that or anything else after finding out the warranty was not honored for someone swapping a tire.

    I would like to be able to have a ONEWHEEL+ with a Hoosier 5.5 tire that doesn't rub that is in warranty. I believe that's not possible right now.

    Given that there seems to be something going on with quality control with the clicking sounds, I'm a little bit skittish that I'm going to be left holding the bag if the company can't afford the problems related to this as it seems enough people have this problem that they may be overwhelmed trying to resolve these issues.

    I want to continue supporting the company and the community and I love that this is an American team making a product in America and specifically the Bay Area.

    I love representing the Bay Area when I am travelling and people ask about this. Most places I go to, nobody has ever seen one of these in real life and they love what they see.

    But if anybody were to ask me, "would you recommend getting one" I'm not sure that I would. It seems they are still working out production kinks and it also seems that they are grasping to invalidate the warranty to save their own bacon. Not that I blame them, but it'd be great if these American engineers weren't so obviously in some position that they are unwilling to publicly disclose why people don't know more about what is going on with the company and the production issues.

    There should be an announcement about the problems that many are encountering. I love riding my ONEWHEEL, but if I get stuck for $1,500 and/or if my board stops riding properly, as much as I like riding my ONEWHEEL, it may be time to just move on to the Boosted board.

    I need reliable transportation, and I wanted to get the most fun ride there is. I think that this ride is fun. But hearing people blaming FM about cutting out at high speed and getting hurt, among other things, has me a little bit concerned about my future on this, what seems to be, dangerous ride.

    For now, I am enjoying things, but I worry I may be getting overconfident. My top speed is about 14 mph now. But if I get to where I am doing 20mph frequently, I'm going to be consciously asking myself, "do you trust these guys who made this that some software bug isn't going to put you in the hospital?"

    I'm not sure if I do.

    Their forum software crashes.

    Their iPhone app does not work properly.

    People claim that the ONEWHEEL cuts off at 20mph with no explanation.

    Sounds like they need some help on their team when it comes to quality controls across the board.

    I would like to think "Made in USA" would leave us expecting more.

  • @rk_d well said I agree with all your points and am in the same situation with my board

  • @powerwheel5000 I'm at 80 miles now two days later. Today, for the first time, under acceleration, I felt a little something internally that felt like failure in the delivery of power. It lasted maybe a quarter of a second and went away. But I felt it and it was something "not right" internally.

    I am still getting clicking noises.

    I also heard and FELT a different sort of thing that seemed to be coming from the internals of the hub motor later today.

    In general, I am truly beginning to lose confidence in the board. What has already happened, if it occurred at a more critical time was an unexpected failure/mode response (or if it wasn't it was a software malfunction).

    I have a background in physics and algorithms having programmed physics at extremely high frequencies with interrupt driven inputs to create a feedback loop for a motor in a physical simulated system. I know a thing or two about embedded motors and high-frequency controllers that I am certain something is going wrong somewhere regardless of whether it is hardware or software.

    I'll continue to ride the thing and document my experiences here. So far, nothing has happened to me that I haven't heard someone else reporting first.

    I am not trying to shame the company. I know these are hard problems. I think that we all are willing to accept whatever the best that the company can deliver as the best in the world.

    I just want to press the company to do better. Even if this is purely a QA and customer support issue, I would be impressed if there were mandatory Q&A embedded into the app that prevents the board from being operated if there is something going wrong that the company is aware could be a danger to the rider. If it can't be detected the way that jumps and wheel slip can be detected, an app that pops up every ten miles for the first hundred miles asking questions, like, "did you hear clicks inside your hub" and "was the power delivery always smooth" would be good data to mine and send back to HQ.

    I feel that I'm already operating the board in some kind of compromised condition that just "feels wrong" but other than that, I don't know what's going on with it.

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